Our high speed Train to Hangzhou. Complete comfort at 300 km/hr! We visted the Lingyin Buddhist Temple in Hangzhou. The Temple is known for "The Feilai Feng grottoes". Lots of incredible stone carvings in the mountain. More examples of the stone cavings The monastery was founded in 328 AD during the Eastern Jin Dynasty by monk Hui Li, who came from India. The grottoes are cut into the side of the mountain. Andrea had fun with a whistle she got. One of the many huge cast iron pots in the temple. Andrea, Claudette and Brad deciding what to see next. Claudette and Andrea viewing one of the sights. One of the incredible stone carvings. A few of the 500 Buddha's in the Temple. One of the small pagoda's in the park. An MG that was manufactured in China. Some friends we made in the park. The lake park in Hangzhou. The train station in Hangzhou.<br/> Waiting for our train. In our sleeper car on the train.
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